We are a fun and energetic bunch of Year 3 learners and we are ready to 'DIVE' into our learning this term.We have been busy getting to know each other, our new classroom and our new teacher Miss Bruce. We will keep adding to our blog over the year so you can see what we have been up to in Room 11.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Term 4 already!!

Wow! Term 4 - where has the year gone?

Room 11 has had a very busy term already and we are only in week 5! We had a real treat when Craig Smith the author of the Wonky Donkey came to Hawera and performed his show to hundreds of school children. He sang lots of different songs and used puppets to help him. Emmanuel even got to be Wilbee the Bumblebee for one of the songs - we loved his new song Kaha the Kea and Miss Bruce found it on the internet when we got back to class. Here is the link so you can check it out too!

Room 11 has been doing lots of learning about our new topic - HEALTHY EATING. We have been learning about the 5 different food groups:

 - Fruit and Vegetables
 - Breads, cereals, pasta, rice
 - Milk and Milk Products
 - Meats, Eggs, Fish, Beans
 - Treats

In order to have a 'Balanced Diet' we need to be eating foods from all of the different food groups. This helps to keep our bodies happy and healthy.

These 5 food groups make up the Food Pyramid. We have been learning about where different foods fit in the pyramid. There are lots of different pictures of Food Pyramids but the one we have been focusing on is this one.

As part of our learning about Healthy Eating we went on a trip to the supermarket, where we looked closely at different foods and where they were located in the supermarket. We were very lucky because we got to see out the back of the supermarket in the produce area and in the chillers where some of the fresh fruit and vegetables are kept. We also got to go into the butchery to see how mince is made and how the meat is packaged up and ready to sell.

As well as all our learning about Healthy Eating, we have also just had Athletics Sports Day. We practised the different events in the 3 weeks leading up to the day so that we were ready to give all the events our best shot! Miss Bruce was very proud of all of us because we all took part and tried our best and that is what Athletics Sports Day is all about.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Maori Legends

During Reading time we have been looking at some of the Maori Legends based around the Sun, Moon and Earth. We have been practising using expression in our voices to tell a story.

Maui and the Sun

Papatuanuku and Ranginui

Rona and the Moon

In Maths this term we have been learning all about Multiplication and Division.
Here are our favourite music clips on youtube that help us to make learning our times tables fun!
You should check them out!

Term 3!

This term we have been busy learning all about Night and Day.

So what causes Night and Day?

Night and day is caused by the Earth rotating or spinning on its axis. The Earth spins once every 24 hours. For 12 hours it is light (day) and for 12 hours it is dark (night). The part of Earth that faces the sun always has day. The part of Earth that is facing away from the sun always has night.

The Sun

The Earth orbits (goes around) the Sun. It takes 365 days to orbit the sun once. This is also known as 1 year. During this time the Earth is always spinning on its axis.

The Moon

While the Earth is orbiting the Sun, the Moon orbits Earth.

Make sure you check back to read some of our writen explanations!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Writing from Term 1 2012

When I First Touched the Water….

I ran at the beach and dived. When I first touched the water it felt like I was in an ice cube. I walked like a penguin. I had goose-bumps and my hairs on my arms were sticking up, I was shaking too. My mouth was going up and down and my lips were purple and when the wind came it made it worse.

Olivia Harrop


In the holidays I helped my family to cut the firewood and I held the axe. My brother was swinging the axe and it slipped out of Hamish’s hands and it hit part of my toe. It started bleeding. I didn’t cry.

Max Edgcombe

The Rock Pools

We went to the rock pool. I found a crab we got him. He was hard to get. The crab went into the rocks. We caught him on the pencil and scooped the crab into the sieve. We found Neptunes necklace, we found a spikey kina and we found Flap Jack. We went to the pools. We went down the mini slide, it was slow, then we got wet. There was a huge line and in the little pool there were bubbles.

Bradley Hopkins

The Seahorse and the Ray

The Ray chased the seahorse. They swam past some Seaweed. The Seaweed said, “You can hide in with us.” The Ray swam past but they didn’t notice a Shark. It leapt up and ate one Seahorse. The fins were bleeding, that made lots of Sharks.

Charlie Bridges

The Book Fair

My Mum bought me a Geronimo Stilton book at the book fair. I got a free bookmark.

Gareth Washer

Wild, Weather Bomb!

In the storm our trampoline blew away and a tree snapped and we all hopped in the spare bed. My Mum thought the windows would brake because of the lightning.

Ben Savage

Silly Monkey

Mum and Jack and Kasey and Po went to the Zoo and we saw some monkeys and the monkey was being silly and it swung from the trees.

Jack Sorensen


On Monday I went to my Nana’s house. I went to the lake and mu Nanas house. At the lake we caught some frogs. We took them home. Frogs like something to rest on after they have been swimming.

Ethan Gilberd

Hawera Storm

Two days ago there was a big storm, everything was destroyed. Mum woke up at 4.00am. I saw the gate fall down. There was no power either. It lasted two days. I played on the i-phone.

Corbin Smith

Rock Pools

Yesterday we went to the rock pools. Some people went in the bus. Some people went in the cars. We found a cushion star, flap jack, and Neptunes necklace. At the rock pools we found a crab. Jack tried to get it. It was always crawling underneath the rocks. Then Jack picked it up and put it into the sieve. After that we went to the pools. We played royal rumble. I felt excited.

Jake Hitchcock

Wild Weekend

The wild weekend broke our glass table. The garage door was flapping. Me, Mum and Amber went to Palmerston. On Saturday night it was raining. On Sunday we had two trees down. My Pop went on the four-wheeler to have a look at the trees and the bottom to the top of the tree was down. It was two pinecone trees. Down the street a chimney fell off. My Nana’s kitten Marmalade came running inside and cuddled.

Jasmine Baker


In February we went down the road for Americana. My favourite car was the car with the black colour and cool red and orange flames, plus the awesome police car with its lights. I felt amazing.

Mason Tapiki-Stewart

The Turtle Helps

In the reef it was sunny. The sea creatures were very happy. One little fish was lonely. He went in the sea to find a friend, and one day he was lost. He was lost in seaweed, it was all over the place. A turtle was swimming over the seaweed, he saw little fish. Turtle dived down and got the little fish’s fin and he said, “I will help you” and the little fish said, “Ok.” Turtle said, “Where do you live little fish?” “I live in the reef” and they swam away and they lived happily ever after.

Hannah Bigham

At the Rocky Shore

On Thursday the school went to the rocky shore. It was sunny and it was rainy and a bit windy. It was cool and parents and the junior school came and I found a crab. It was in the rocks and I found a cats eye. I pulled it off the rocks with my hand and I found flap jack and I found a starfish. It was fun.

Hannah Bigham

Wild Weekend

On Saturday night when I went to bed like usual, I lay there for a while and listened to the HRV. Then I fell to sleep. I slept for about an hour and then….CRASH!......BANG!......BOOM! Suddenly, I heard a sound, a very strange sound. I woke up immediately and ran to the window to see what was going on, I was very frightened to see what was happening. Suddenly it was all over, everything was broken, the tramp was in the vegie garden!

Zoe Lister


On the 24th of March Americana came to Hawera. I saw a black and yellow striped car. It looked like a bumblebee. I loved Americana. I loved Americana because of all the cool cars.

Matthew Kempton 

The Storm

On Saturday night at my home there was a storm. It was BANG! CRASH! BOOM! That was the storm. I got scared. I went into Dads bed. I closed my eyes then opened. I was worried that Dad’s truck would blow down the driveway. The power came on at 9 o’clock in the morning. It was a windy day. It was windy in the night too. Dad said to me, “Don’t be scared.” I shook, I was scared.

Charlize Kiihfuss

Assembly Practise

A few weeks ago Mr Bradley and the school had assembly practise. We had the assembly practise in the hall because people were being naughty and rude. Mr Bradley told us to have the assembly to practise. I felt scared and sad. Mr Bradley was stomping around, it gave me a headache. Mr Bradley was very angry at us.

Neve Cadman

The Octopus and the Sting Ray

There was a whole bunch of crabs that were running away from a sting ray. Suddenly, an octopus appeared behind a rock and it tied the sting ray up and ate it all up. But a shark came and the octopus tied it up and ate it up all over again. The crabs hid in the seaweed in case something else happened. They were safe. Nothing found them. They had nothing to worry about ever again. But the waves were washing and they washed up all over the shore and a hawk found them and ate the crabs. That was the end of their life.

Bianca Grant


We bombed into the pool, when my first toe touched the water, quick as a flash I sprang out of the water. As soon as I got underwater I felt as stiff as a pencil, my lips turned blue and my teeth chattered as I jumped out of the pool. I was drenched. When I got out I had goose-bumps.

Emmanuel Araba

My Wet, Wild, Weekend

In the weekend on Saturday there was a storm. Leaves rattled, trees shook and fences broke. I felt like a tornado was coming. The power was gone. My mum was running around the house. Our fence was broken. My sister had to find matches to start fire for candles.

Emmanuel Araba


About five weeks ago, the whole school went down to the roundabout. We had to walk there. At first, I had no idea what it was about….until the cars came. There were Hot Rods and Minivans. I felt like the president of the USA was going to be in one of those cars! After we stayed there for a while we walked back but the seniors were still there – so were the cars! We made USA flags because they were American cars!

Emmanuel Araba

Turuturu’s Big Day Out

Yesterday all of the Junior School and parents went to the rocky shore. I and Jasmine went in Charlie’s car. It was a little bit sunny, rainy, windy and chilly. We went to the rocky shore because we are learning about the ocean. At the rock pools Charlie, Jasmine and I found cats eyes and one flap jack. I found two cushion stars and Jasmine found two cushion stars. We found lots of Neptunes necklace, dead crabs, we found a sea snail, chitons and limpets all over the rocks. The dead crab is called a big handed crab. Charlie caught a shrimp. Max and Gareth thought they found a sting ray but it was a leaf. I picked up the two starfish with my fingers because it was on a rock. I liked finding the little creatures and shrimps and the other kinds of fish are really, really fast. We found sea slugs too.

Neve Cadman

Touch, Pause, Engage...

Touch, pause, engage!

The scrum is on, everyone is pushing the scrum.

Next is the lineout, the two teams jump up and get the ball, people dive to tackle.

I play for Southern. I feel happy.

Bradley Hopkins

Freezing and Cold

One day I went in the freezing-cold water. I tiptoed in. I was getting goose-bumps. They started on my toes and went all the way up to my neck.

Hannah Bigham

Rocky Shore Trip

Yesterday I went to the Kawaroa Rock Pools. I went with Zoe, Hannah, Corbin and Zoe’s Mum. It’s in New Plymouth and we also went to the pools. We went to learn. I felt happy. I found a starfish, four crabs, and I found heaps of Neptunes necklace and chitons. I tried to get a crab that was tucked into a rock with the sieve but the sieve was too thick. Mason picked up the Neptunes necklace with his hands.

Ethan Gilberd

Like a knife…

When I touched the water it was burning cold.
I felt blown away and then I quickly hopped back up and I felt like a knife was stuck in me.

Ben Savage

A New Car

I got a new car and it is a Holden.
It is black and it has a silver spoiler.
It is cool.

Max Edgcombe

Wild, Wet and Windy

The weather bomb flipped the trees and destroyed Max’s paintball field!

Gareth Washer

A Close Escape

One day a fish was swimming and it was morning. Then along came a shark. It was hiding behind a rock. It sneaked up to the little fish and the shark gave it a fright. The fish went flying off and the shark was chasing it. The fish quickly hid behind a rock. The shark went past the fish and the shark lost the fish. The little fish swam away and lived happily ever after.

Olivia Harrop

Thursday, May 31, 2012


In our 'Secret Garden' at the back of Room 11 there is a very special pile. You may look at it and think that it is just a pile of grass clippings, leaves and sticks - WRONG! There is so much more happening in that pile then you could ever imagine! Microorganisms are so tiny that you can't even see them - but man are they busy! They are breaking down the sticks, dry leaves, dead plants and grass clippings and turning it all into COMPOST which is great for the garden. The amazing thing is that the compost pile actually gets hot - yes HOT! We are talking 40 degrees celcius HOT! To give you a bit of an idea we took the air temperature and that was 15.7 degrees celcius. Then we stuck the thermometer into the middle of the compost and guess what! 40 degrees! Now that is tropical! Check out our photos below....

Add some grass clippings...

It's getting BIGGER....

Add some WATER......

Wood Chips.....


Plastic Cover over the top and wait.........

A week later...

We put our hands in the middle to feel the heat...


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We have discovered a cool interactive website that helps us learn all about worm farming, composting and Reducing, Reusing and Recycling - we love Vermi the Worm - you should check him out!