We are a fun and energetic bunch of Year 3 learners and we are ready to 'DIVE' into our learning this term.We have been busy getting to know each other, our new classroom and our new teacher Miss Bruce. We will keep adding to our blog over the year so you can see what we have been up to in Room 11.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Term 4 already!!

Wow! Term 4 - where has the year gone?

Room 11 has had a very busy term already and we are only in week 5! We had a real treat when Craig Smith the author of the Wonky Donkey came to Hawera and performed his show to hundreds of school children. He sang lots of different songs and used puppets to help him. Emmanuel even got to be Wilbee the Bumblebee for one of the songs - we loved his new song Kaha the Kea and Miss Bruce found it on the internet when we got back to class. Here is the link so you can check it out too!

Room 11 has been doing lots of learning about our new topic - HEALTHY EATING. We have been learning about the 5 different food groups:

 - Fruit and Vegetables
 - Breads, cereals, pasta, rice
 - Milk and Milk Products
 - Meats, Eggs, Fish, Beans
 - Treats

In order to have a 'Balanced Diet' we need to be eating foods from all of the different food groups. This helps to keep our bodies happy and healthy.

These 5 food groups make up the Food Pyramid. We have been learning about where different foods fit in the pyramid. There are lots of different pictures of Food Pyramids but the one we have been focusing on is this one.

As part of our learning about Healthy Eating we went on a trip to the supermarket, where we looked closely at different foods and where they were located in the supermarket. We were very lucky because we got to see out the back of the supermarket in the produce area and in the chillers where some of the fresh fruit and vegetables are kept. We also got to go into the butchery to see how mince is made and how the meat is packaged up and ready to sell.

As well as all our learning about Healthy Eating, we have also just had Athletics Sports Day. We practised the different events in the 3 weeks leading up to the day so that we were ready to give all the events our best shot! Miss Bruce was very proud of all of us because we all took part and tried our best and that is what Athletics Sports Day is all about.

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